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The Global Cinematography Institute (GCI) is devoted to continuing education for cinematographers and industry professionals into the digital and virtual based creative realms.

The goal of the course is to take our students' careers to the next level and put them in a position to compete successfully in the crowded job market. We also provide instruction, a “tool kit”, for the beginning and continuation of meaningful and effective careers as cinematographers in today’s fast, ever-changing, contemporary world with art and technology.

The Global Cinematography Institute Expanded Cinematography® Sessions consist of individual programs and classes:

-Foundations of the Art of Cinematography Program
-Foundations of the Craft of Cinematography Program
-Advanced Cinematography Class Sessions

GCI Co-Founders:

Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and Yuri Neyman, ASC

Expanded Cinematography:


In each of our sessions you will be exposed to our uniquely designed classes to gain an understanding of Expanded Cinematography® through hands-on experience and study with some of the most experienced and successful cinematographers in the world.

As part of our 'Foundations of the Art of Cinematography Program', all GCI Students participate in Practical Lighting Workshops on the GCI Soundstage using industry standard equipment. Each student is assigned a lighting scenario, and has 90 min to execute the setup, with a full crew of classmates! We screen the Dailies and GCI Co-Founder Yuri Neyman, ASC gives his feedback.

And as part of our 'Foundations of the Craft of Cinematography Program', students will go on set with some of our distinguished guest instructors to learn their individual lighting techniques. All of GCI's Faculty are currently active working professionals, constantly earning achievement in their particular fields. Many teachers are active members of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), and also include Oscar-winners, Emmy-winners, Lighting & Camera Union Members, and more. At GCI you will learn what is happening now in cinematography, and not dwell in the past with antiquated lesson plans.

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Classes Offered in our two Foundational Programs

Art: Craft:

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Roundtable Discussion with GCI Guests and ASC Members, including Vilmos Zsigmond and Haskell Wexler, speaking on the Vilmos' own cinematic and personal legacy in early 2015.

Exclusive Interview with GCI Guest Instructor, Pixar Cinematographer Sharon Calahan, ASC about how she is able to apply elements of traditional Cinematography to the Animation realm.

Exclusive Interview with GCI Guest Instructor, Oscar Winner Dean Semler, ASC, ACS covering all aspects of his long career in Cinematography.

Exclusive Interview with Friend of GCI, Three-time Oscar Winner Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC in a wide-ranging conversation with GCI Co-Founder Yuri Neyman, ASC.

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