Student Spotlight:

Checking in with Former GCI Students

Interview with GCI Students Fernando Vilanova Miranda and
Lukas Teren, ASK - Representatives to the International Cinematographer Summit Hosted by the ASC, June 2016


GCI Founder Yuri Neyman, ASC discusses life after GCI with two of our distinguished students, who both were chosen to represent their respective home countries at the International Cinematographer Summit in 2016.

"I think GCI has pushed me to strive for even higher quality images, to explore new technologies and to think differently about the role of the cinematographer. It is very clear that the gap between traditional filmmaking and ever expanding virtual filmmaking is wide and needs to be bridged in many ways. Finding ways to bridge these gaps will make one more of an asset to the production and the budget, which will ultimately lead to more work."


- Justin Lubke, Director of Photography

"I just started shooting a webseries, and on the second day, one of the producers paid me the best compliment. She said, "I'm really amazed by how you're able to do these really simple setups and make these beautiful, artistic images." I have GCI to thank for that."


- Jeff Galyan, Director of Photography

"GCI gave me the basic skills I needed to become a better filmmaker, a real confidence booster. I was provided a wealth of knowledge from top notch professional, working cinematographers and VFX artists. Not only will I look like I know what I'm talking about, I will actually know what I am talking about. I am greatly appreciative!"


- Cole Barager, Director of Photography

"GCI reminded me that creativity will always be more important than knowledge in cinematography. The input received in this program has expanded my vision and will definitely improve the output of my creative decisions."


- Miguel Tafich, Director of Photography

"The courses were incredibly useful, topics I had a passing familiarity with were covered in such detail and clarity that I now feel that I understand them fundamentally better. Additionally, I was introduced to new concepts that I would otherwise not have been exposed to."


- Krik Kjonaas, Director of Photography

"I continue to be overwhelmed by the quality of education and engagement provided by the Global Cinematography Institute. I had established a connection with a powerful ally and network of likeminded professionals backed by a robust curriculum that is second to none!"


- J.Andy Moreno, Film School Graduate

"The content in the courses are superb. It is extremely practical and beneficial to have survey style courses followed by hands on demonstrations and workshops."


- David Perkins, Undergraduate Film School Student


"The three main things this class did for me are: 1) Helped me refocus on my main goal of being a DP. 2) Laid a foundation of technical knowledge that can now be built on. 3) Improved my eye while teaching me new lighting strategies."


- Sean Malone, Cinematographer


"My understanding of cinematography has improved. Both aesthetically and technically…"


- Michael Watson, Director of Photography


"Without attending the Institute in 2012 I could not have advanced my career the way I had hoped. There is no way I would have had the confidence and respect of the crew if I hadn't improved my skills through GCI.


- Bill Totolo, Director of Photography


"I believed I have progressed a lot both from a technical point-of-view, by getting to know the more technical aspects of the craft, and the virtual cinematography classes opened up a totally new chapter for me, that I believe brings me forward by years compared to the experience that I could get in my home country."


- Giacomo Urban, Director of Photography, Italy


"I would highly recommend the GCI course to any serious cinematographer young or old looking to improve their craft. I learned so much that I am already incorporating into my work today and now have what I was looking for, and not only one but several people I can call real life mentors!"


- Harvey Glen, Director of Photography


"The Global Cinematography Institute has been the most incredible experience...Worth every mile traveled to get there!"


- João Jasmin, Director of Photography, Brazil


"I feel it has awakened a part of me that has always been there but hasn’t had a chance to be seen. The photo assignments are great because they are really challenging me to take my work to the next level. It has also made me aware of the additional possibilities and opportunities that exist in the digital cinematography realm."


- Naomi Olson, Designer


"What separates GCI from other schools and programs is the level of the teachers and staff. Combining technical and artistic subjects is really important and one of the most interesting points of the program."


- Julio Costantini, Director of Photography


"I believe that I will be much more effective at my job as a result of the holistic approach the course took. I will be in a much better place to make informed choices in all areas of cinematography, camera choice, lighting instruments, workflows, aesthetic approach, etc...."


- Milton Santiago, Director of Photography


"I think there is a healthy balance of the classical cinematographic approach and future technologies / techniques in the class. I'm judging my progress by that which I'm immediately able to apply in the field. In that regard, the Digital Cinematography, Cinematography for Independent Films, Advanced Music Video Cinematography and Fundamentals of Lighting and Composition classes have been extremely helpful."


- Tomi Skarica, Director of Photography


"GCI is generating an unprecedented flow of knowledge about the art, craft and technology embodying the wide reach of cinematography.  Creative professionals working at the top of their fields today distilling the essence of their ever-evolving expertise. An amazing experience, jam packing my brain with leading edge knowledge!"


- Liz Radley, SOC, Documentary Cinematographer


"The depth and breadth of subjects to be covered will become invaluable in my career moving forward. Continually I found the one single nugget of information was worth the price of admission. GCI is not just about theory - it is about history, real world experience, and hands on learning. An opportunity hard to pass up."


- Tim Sutherland, DIT Local 600


"GCI is a revolution in education. More like an internship, it is an intimate tutorial by veteran filmmakers impressing their knowledge, secrets, and experience to a new generation of filmmakers. Their aim, in this fast changing technology, is to elevate the cinematographer from technician to "Director of Images". The baton is being passed."


- Douglas Chase, Producer