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Special Workshop Class During Upcoming Session:

"Foundations of Director's Profession for Cinematographers"
(Collaboration with Directors)

Taught by Oscar and Award-Winning Director Dean Parisot

"Galaxy Quest", "Fun With Dick and Jane", "Red 2", "Framed", "Tom Goes to the Bar",
"The Appointment of Dennis Jennings", etc.

Description: This special workshop class created by Global Cinematography Institute and Oscar-Winning Director Dean Parisot will allow cinematographers and others who are interested to understand more about the production responsibilities of the Director in cinema, the Director’s role in preproduction, on-set and in post, as well as what a Director would like to see in and receive from one of his closet collaborators – the cinematographer.

The workshop will address the process of hiring, what is involved with prep work after being hired, collaborating on set and getting what the director needs, shooting for the edit and looking out for the director, and more.

The second half of the workshop will finish with a hands-on class where students will work with Dean to complete a scene on the GCI Stage to better understand the methods of a director’s work and how to collaborate with a director successfully.

Cost: $500
Schedule will be announced shortly.

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Expanded Cinematography® Class
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Art of Cinematography Subjects:


Read more about Yuri Neyman, ASC class: "Lighting & Composition"

Foundations of Lighting and Composition

This course will cover the basics of visual aesthetics and topics such as framing, quality of light and how visual elements help to create an expressive image. The course will include elements of History of Cinematography and Photography by looking at films and images by some of the masters of the art.

See the work of past students "Lighting and Composition" Class at Global Cinematography Institute.

Instructor: Yuri Neyman, ASC


Historically a vital part of planning for shooting a film (storyboards), the role of previsualization is expanding beyond the storyboard and into more realms of production to assist the cinematographer, production designer, VFX artist, etc. to see their contribution to the image.

Instructor: Brian Pohl

Language of Lighting

The visual expression of creative lighting is one of the most critical tools of the Cinematographer. This course at GCI aims to further explore the artistic and technical aspects of lighting. Included in this class is the Practical Lighting Workshop where students complete hands-on lighting assignments on the GCI Soundstage. This class also goes in-depth on new LED lighting technology and applications.

Instructors: Yuri Neyman, ASC, Jason Knutzen and Jay Holben

Guest Instructors Include: Jon Tower

Art of Light and Shadow

This course, held at the Getty Museum, explores the topic of the contrast between light and shadows, and its significance in the arts, including cinematography. This interdisciplinary approach to the study of cinematography by analysis of visual art helps reinforces understanding of composition in imagery, and pushes cinematographers to view the profession as a specific kind of art which uses sophisticated technological tools for creating imagery that artistically tells all kinds of stories.

Instructors: Zhenya Gershman

Career Management

Taught by Steven Jacob, Founding Partner of WPA, a global agency dedicated to representing both Above and Below the Line artists, this class instructs students on the nature of creativity and the mix of Artistry, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. The course not only teaches students the work that they need to do in order to succeed, but more importantly, it teaches how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to stagnant careers.

Instructors: Steven Jacob


Craft of Cinematography Subjects:


Read more from David Stump, ASC about the "Digital Cine" Class

Digital Cinematography

Creating images through digital formats is the way of the present and future. This course will look at how these digital tools and techniques can be used by a trained cinematography, examining the benefits and limitations of digital cinema cameras in comparison to film technologies. Students will walk away from the course with a strong foundations in how the digital image is captured, converted and compressed, resulting in an image we can actual see!

Instructors: David Stump, ASC; Jay Holben and Christopher Probst


Read more about our "Virtual Cine" Class

Virtual Cinematography

Modern technology is making what was one impossible, now possible for today's cinematographers - to shoot with green or blue screen with traditional cameras and see "real-time" compositing results on the monitor. This results in a stronger integration of traditional cinematography elements, such as lighting, when approaching shots in a "virtual" setting. The course is an examination of new cutting-edge technology and how it can be put into use for practical application.

Instructors: Ron Fischer

Guest Instructors Include: Robert Legato, ASC; Sam Nicholson, ASC, Colin Green, Kyle Murphey, Bobby Nishimura


Read more about Jason's class: "Modern Tools & Concepts"

Tools & Concepts for Digital Imaging

Cinematography is changing with rapid evolution of new technology. This class aims to bring students "up-to-speed" on current tools and concepts which aim to enhance the role of the cinematographer in all phases of pre-production, production and post. This class includes hands-on software and mobile app demonstrations designed for the "expanded cinematographer".

Instructor: Jason Knutzen


Read more from Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC about: "Cinematography Workshop"

Cinematography Workshop

The classical approach to meaningful lighting for narrative films. This course, originally created by GCI Co-Founder Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, will examine the "why" and "how" through conversions with master Hollywood cinematographers. Lighting techniques, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises will be part of the class.

Instructors Include: Ed Lachman, ASC, Sharon Calahan, ASC, Affonso Beato, ASC, ABC, Dean Semler, ASC, ACS; Stephen Goldblatt, ASC, BSC; Mauro Fiore, ASC; Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC; Dean Cundey, ASC; Russell Carpenter, ASC; Stuart Dryburgh, ASC; Matthew Libatique, ASC; Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC; M. David Mullen, ASC; Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC; Theo Van De Sande, ASC; Bruno Delbonnel, ASC, AFC; Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS

Cinematography for Visual Effects

Shooting for visual effects often requires special considerations and skills provided by the Director of Photography. In this course, students learn the fundamentals of how visual effects shots are created - including aspects of compositing (blue/green screen), motion control and other technologies which effect the work of the cinematographer.

Instructors: David Stump, ASC and Mark Sawicki

Guest Instructors Include: Robert Legato, ASC