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"Video Game Cinematography
Becomes an Important Part of our
Expanded Cinematography® Program"

"Games, Cinema and Cinematography"

by Yuri Neyman, ASC, Director of Photography, Founding Partner and President of Global Cinematography Institute


Two former students of Global Cinematography Institute are part of the crew in one of the “Most Anticipated Games of the Year” God of War (Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment), an upcoming game has shown significant ambition and promise in moving the gaming medium forward.


Leading the cinematography crew is one the most experienced cinematographers in the Game Industry - Director of Photography Dori Arazi.


Recent GCI Student Zach Demas works in the position of Virtual Camera Operator as a part of Dori’s camera crew.


The article in Time Magazine “The Hollywood Cinematographer Has a New Job Path: Video Games” just moved the debate into the new field – role of cinematographers and cinematography in the current and future games production.


Video Games are the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industry and in modern society it is quickly approaching the level of influence of other art forms, such as films and literature. Video Game plots and the demand for visual sophistication and design already requires an image creating experience of professionals who are equally knowledgeable in traditional and virtual cinematography.


Games are now part of modern “pop” culture like film, comics, TV series & animation. Many franchises have reached a modern myth status like their film or TV counterparts, Star Wars or Star Trek. Today, with the next generations of consoles, AAA games are evolving toward a similar high-end imagery, finally very close to film imagery.


“Game Cinematography” becomes an important part of our “Expanded Cinematography”® Program, where the traditional cinematographer’s “toolkit” such as light, color, camera, composition are combined with latest camera and computer technologies to create an emotional interactive experience in games.