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"Shooting for Effects & Balancing the Work of the DP"

Interview with Oscar Winner Mauro Fiore, ASC (Credits include: Avatar, Training Day, Southpaw, The Island, and more!)


Q) What training/education did you receive to become a cinematographer?


Mauro Fiore, ASC: I received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College in Chicago.


Q) Do you expect in the future some kind of convergence between the "traditional" DP and visual effect/virtual cinematography expert into some kind of new profession or activity?


Mauro Fiore, ASC: I don't think there should be a distinction between a Visual Effects Cinematography and a Cinematographer. We are there to supervise how all the visuals of a film come together. A Cinematographer's knowledge is not only technical, but cultural, and should support a directors vision of a film.


Q) What technical invention(s) most affected the profession? How did it affect you creatively?


Mauro Fiore, ASC: Digital Cameras certainly have effected the profession within the last eight years. It took some adjusting, but I think now there are some positive aspects such as sensitivity to light, control of color and semi-finished instantaneous images.


Q) What do you enjoy most about being a Cinematographer?


Mauro Fiore, ASC: I enjoy the journey of a film, in other words, the voyage of the visual storytelling in each individual frame.


Q) What do you consider to be the greatest challenges of being a Cinematographer?


Mauro Fiore, ASC: The greatest challenge is to tell a visual story without being too literal or overbearing with the cinematography of a film.


Q) What filmmaker/DOP has influenced you?


Mauro Fiore, ASC: Sergio Leone for his sense of mythology. Vittorio Storaro for his operatic expression of light, and Janusz Kaminsky for his fearlessness.





"Cinematography for Feature Films"
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Learn from "Best Cinematography" Oscar Winner for "Avatar"

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