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At the Global Cinematography Institute, we take great pride in finding the best experts in the industry to bring their unique perspective to our courses.


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A world-known cinematographer, his credits include Close Encounters of the Third Kind - won Academy Award for Best Cinematography, and The Deer Hunter, Black Dahila, McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Co-founder of Global Cinematography Institute

Yuri graduated from Moscow's VGIK. He is best known for his cult classic film Liquid Sky, and modern film noir D.O.A., and also for the patented invention of Gamma and Density's Co. 3cP System first ever on the set color correction workflow.

Instructor: Lighting & Composition

Co-founder of Global Cinematography Institute

A cinematographer and visual effects supervisor with over twenty five years of experience. His recent credits include Flightplan, Hollow Man, X Men and Men of Honor.

Instructor: Digital Cinematography and Cinematography for Visual Effects

Developer of the popular color correction utility, Color Finesse, Bob is also a member of the development team at Gamma & Density Co., makers of the popular Image Management software Image Control.

Instructor: Image Management

Frederic Durand is a leading CGI, 3D and visual effects artist whose credits include The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Black Hawk Down, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

Instructor: Digital Lighting

A leading visual effects artist and expert in virtual camera and live on-set compositing technologies.  His recent credits include Alice in Wonderland, Beowulf and Polar Express.

Instructor: Virtual Cinematography

Sinclair is one of the cinema industry's most experienced designers of digital camera systems and currently works as the Director of Engineering at Radiant Images in Los Angeles, one of the foremost creators of Virtual Reality solutions for filmmakers.

Instructor: Virtual Reality and Cinematography

Former cinematographer, now an award-winning independent producer/director, Jay is a previous technical editor for American Cinematographer and Digital Video magazines. He is the author of two books on cinematography: A Shot in the Dark and Behind the Lens.

Instructor: Digital Cinematography, Optics, Indie Cinematography, Adv. Digital Cinematography and Adv. Optics

Founding Partner of WPA, a global agency dedicated to representing Below the Line artists. Some of Steven’s clients include Oscar winners Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki, ASC, AMC and Russell Carpenter, ASC.

Instructor: Career Management

Experienced Cinematographer, DIT and Colorist. Jason is a working Director of Photography and member of the development team at Gamma & Density Co., creators of the popular DIT software solution, Image Control and Color Charts.

Instructor: Modern Tools and Concepts of Digital Imaging

Oscar-Winning director whose dramatic directorial debut short "Tom Goes to the Bar," earned him the Berlin Festival's Golden Bear. He followed this with "The Appointments of Dennis Jennings," which earned the 1988 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. He has went on to direct films like “Framed”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Fun With Dick and Jane”, and “Red 2”..

Instructor: Foundations of Director's Profession for Cinematographers

With over 70 visual effects credits in his resume, Aaron is an expert in post-production workflow and DI. See his list of credits here.

Instructor: Adv. Image Management and Color Correction

He is credited for creating or supervising previs on over twenty two feature films including Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Star Trek, Battle: Los Angeles.

Instructor: Previsualization

Mark is a veteran visual effects cameraman with a large body of work including The Terminator, X-Men and The Dark Knight Rises. He is a contributing faculty member of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts and is the author of “Animating with Stop Motion Pro” and “Filming the Fantastic”.

Instructor: Cinematography for Visual Effects

Jon comes to GCI as professional gaffers with many years of industry experience in all aspects of lighting & electric departments. For a list of Jon's credits, click here.

Instructor: Technology of Lighting

Dori is a cinematographer specializing in virtual production and cinematography for video games. Dori has worked as a Cinematic Director for studios such as: Midway Games, THQ, Electronic Arts, Sega and is now the Cinematography Lead at Sony Santa Monica on the new “God Of War” title.

Instructor: Cinematography in Video Games

Visiting Artists / Guest Instructors:


Distinguished Director of Photography from Brazil, and expert in 3D Cinematography, his work includes The Queen along with several collaborations with director Pedro Almodovar: All About My Mother, Live Flesh, The Flower of My Secret
Oscar award winning American cinematographer, his work includes Titanic, 21, True Lies, Charlie's Angels, Terminator 2, as well as many commericals.
The first ASC member to work entirely in the digital animation realm, Sharon has created some of the most striking images that push the visual boundries of animation. Some of her credits with Pixar include, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Good Dinosaur, Ratatouille, and more. 
Oscar nominated American cinematographer known for his work on iconic genre films and Hollywood blockbusters: Halloween, Escape from New York, Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, Who Framed Roger Rabbit as well as many other diverse feature films, television and commercials.
A four-time Oscar nominated cinematographer from France, his credits include: Inside Llewyn Davis, Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, Faust (2011), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dark Shadows, as well as many other films and commercials worldwide.
A New Zealand native and Oscar nominated cinematographer, his credits include: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Painted Veil, Aeon Flux, Analyze This, Boardwalk Empire (HBO TV pilot), The Piano, as well as many other feature film and television productions.
An Oscar winning Cinematographer from Italy, Mauro has a wide array of credits in narrative features, shorts and commercials. A few of Mauro's credits include: Avatar (Oscar Winner), Training Day, The Island, Real Steel and more.
A two-time Oscar Nominee from the UK, Stephen continues to have a long, successful career in feature film cinematography. His credits include: Lethal Weapon, Batman Forever, Closer, The Help, The Pelican Brief and more.
Shane is a world-renowned American cinematographer. He and his wife Lydia own Hurlbut Visuals, a source of information sharing and education dedicated to the film making industry. Some of his DP credits include: Terminator Salvation, Act of Valor, Need for Speed and more.
Francis is an American cinematographer with experience in all areas of cinematography for television, including credits on: Justified (TV Show), Bonnie and Clyde (Mini-Series), Steel Magnolias (TV Movie) and more.
Two-time Oscar Winner for "Best Visual Effects" for Hugo and Titanic, Robert is one of the leading Visual Effects Supervisors in Hollywood, having worked on Avatar, The Wolf of Wall Street, Armageddon, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and more.
An American cinematographer who is a frequent collaborator with Darren Aronovsky with whom he studied and worked at AFI.  Libatique's recent films include Black Swan, Iron Man, Iron Man 2.
An award winning, Oscar nominated Irish Director of Photography whose credits include The Avengers, Atonement, The Hours and High Fidelity. See a list of his credits here.
A two-time Oscar nominated American Director of Photography, and frequent collaborator with director Todd Haynes. Lachman's credits include Carol, Far from Heaven, The Virgin Suicides, and Erin Brokovich.

A cinematographer from Bosnia, his credits include Jonas (TV), I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, The Pixar Story, and On The Lot (TV).

Born in South Africa, Dan Mindel's frequent collaborations with Director JJ Abrams have produced some of the biggest blockbusters of the last 10 years, his credits include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Mission Impossible 3 and more.

An American cinematographer, Reed became the youngest member of the ASC in 2013. Her work has been featured in Variety and Indiewire. Credits include The Skeleton Twins, And So It Goes, Looking (TV) and Meadowland (As Director / DP).

David studied filmmaking and cinematography at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Since then, he has photographed more than thirty independent feature films and two television series, including Astronaut Farmer and Northfork
A two-time Emmy Award winning visual effects supervisor and founder of Stargate Studios. His recent credits include Smash (TV), Pan Am, The Walking Dead, and ER.
An Oscar-nominated cinematographer born in Greece and raised in Germany, Phedon has shot over 40 features, and numerous commercials and music videos. His credits include Nebraska, The Descendants, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, This is 40 and more.
Award-winning American DP, recieved his MFA in film production from NYU and has gone on to a career in Music Videos, Commercials and Films. Some of his credits include: The Matrix Trilogy, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Jungle Book, Team America, Army of Darkness, and more.
Oscar-winning Australian DP and ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Recepient, Dean boasts a wide array of films in a variety of genres, including his Oscar Winning work on Dances with Wolves, as well as Apocalypto, Secretariat, Maleficent, Mad Max 2, and more.
An American Cinematographer whose career began in music videos, and has gone on to shoot many large scale feature films with excellent integration of Visual Effects. Sigel's DP credits include the X-Men Franchise, as well as Drive, The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie, Superman Returns and more.
Two-time Oscar Nominee and ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Recepient, Dante is an internationaly renowned cinematographer, among his biggest credits are Tower Heist, Public Enemies, The Last of the Mohicans, Heat, L.A. Confidential.
A world-renowned cinematographer from the Netherlands, his credits include Blade, Cruel Intentions, Wayne's World, Big Daddy, The Riches (TV).

World-renowned cinematographer from Australia, Mandy's credits include Baz Luhrmann's Australia and Red Riding Hood, Lantana, Shattered Glass, as well as many commercials for worldwide advertising campaigns.

Multiple award-winner for Cinematography at the Sundance Festival, Bradford is one of the youngest members of the ASC. His unique visual style and perspective has contributed to many award-winning films, including: Selma, A Most Violent Year, Ain't Them Bodies Saints and more.

Sean Baker is a Director / Writer / Cinematographer specalizing in low-budget independent features. His films have been featured at Sundance Festival, Indepedent Spirit Awards, and more. Films include: Tangerine, Prince of Broadway, Starlet and more.

With Credits in Features, Shorts and Commericals, Geoff is a highly regarded UK Cinematographer and Founder of the Cinematography Mailing LIst (CML). Geoff's recent credits include: About a Girl (BAFTA winning Short), Mutant Chronicles and Dark Country 3D.

Selected as one of Variety's 2014 "10 Cinematographers to Watch" - Autumn is a feature and commerical Cinematographer. Her work as appeared in Telluride Festival, Toronto International Festival, and more. Credits include: Palo Alto, One & Two, and an upcoming pilot for HBO with Sarah Silverman.

Zhenya Gershman is a well-known artist, art historian and museum educator. Gershman’s dramatic monumental paintings depicting iconic public and private figures are featured in such preeminent private and public collections as Donald Simon, Richard Weisman, and Woody Allen.

A Director of Photography who is one of the most successful music video and independent feature cinematographers. Also worked as the Technical Editor for American Cinematographer Magazine. For a list of Chris' credits, click here.

Andrew is an up-and-coming Director of Photography in Feature Films, Commericals and Music Videos, and is becoming known for his work as a Director / DP in the Virtual Reality realm.

An AFI Cinematography Graduate, Andrew has many credits in Narrative, Doc and Commercial Cinematography, with credits such as: La Bare, Cheap Thrills, The Silent Thief, Kobe Bryant's Muse, and more.

Matt is a DP based in NYC who has shot music videos for major artists like 50 Cent and Justin Beiber and commercials for brands like Facebook, Google, and BMW. Matt is the founder of a company called Cinematography Database and the creator of the program Cine Designer. Cine Designer is a plugin for Cinema 4D that enables cinematographers to simply and accurately visualize real world camerawork and lighting in 3D.